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The above is a computer generated fractile.

Circuit board

Below is a Google gadget in the form of a clock


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a term that you will hear a lot in Web Design, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is basically the art and science of getting a web site onto the first page if not at the top of the first page in search engine results pages, like Google. This can be achieved in a number of ways. The first is by organic search. This is far and away the best and cheapest way for getting results. It means your site responds to the natural searches that the customers you want, make. The other is 'pay per click'. We will discuss these in detail below but we will manage or provide what you need. We also recommend this link Google SEO guidelines , for the full story. We follow these guidelines.

Organic Search Results

Organic searches are searches that someone might enter into a search engine if they are trying to find information on a subject or a supplier of a service or goods. So say someone wanted to find a renewable energy company in bracknell. They might type renewable energy bracknell into Google or some other SE. If your web site is configured properly Googlebot will return it naturally near the top of its results. This gives you a massive edge over competitors as the difference in conversion rates the further you get from the first 1 or 2 pages in Goolge is big. This all must be complemented with an excellent layout and design or those visits won't turn into customers. See our web design section for more information on this.

Pay Per Click

You may have heard this expression before. It relates to a service Google offers where by you can pay for your site to come in the very top section of the results page (slightly above the organic results also in the column on the top right (but everyone knows that these sites are promoted and not organic). See the diagram above right. This can slightly devalue them in the eyes of someone who knows about the web and search engines. However they are good for certain types of business or offer where quick results are required and can be cost effectively achieved. We can advise you about this and design and manage a campaign for you, if you require one. Contact us for a chat and or a quote.

Search Results

search results pageDiagram showing the layout of pay per click search results and organic search results.

Key Words and Meta tags

You have probably come across this phrase at some point. Key words are words that appear in the content of the page and are highlighted in the header section of the code in what is called a Meta tag. The composition of these Meta tags needs a bit of experience to get right and can make a difference in search results.

Site Maps

Site maps are away of introducing your site to Google and other search engines and letting it know what your site is about. It is written in XML not HTML so is not really for viewing in a browser, it is more written for machines and is just stored on your web space and is found by crawlers and bots. It is used to index your site so is important in making your site search engine friendly.

From a customer:
The attached document shows the truly impressive results Nigel's efforts have had in getting our keyword searches ranked highly on Google and Yahoo.
I can't pretend to understand how it is possible to use a page ranking tool on the internet that says we aren't ranked in the top 250 and yet do the search itself and get a first page ranking, but that is the way it is.